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Graphara is a graphic and web design service that aims to provide you with a range of different design solutions. 

We will work around your business and financial needs because we understand that people have different budgets.

We maintain the highest level of professionalism and we work with you on a personal basis to ensure that we create your vision accurately.

We offer individual services as well as tailor made packages that work best for you.


Graphara is a small business itself. We pride ourselves in undertaking a smaller number of projects to ensure that we dedicate sufficient time and energy into each and every project. We work within your limits and constraints and always endeavour to take each action with your business or company in mind. You are our priority and we reflect that in the work that we do. We promote an open and honest policy and encourage regular discussion regarding the progress of any design service you choose. Graphara celebrates a bright and vibrant history in design and promise to deliver only the very best.

Our Services

Graphara offer a range of different design services, each one tailored specifically towards your needs. Whether you need an individual service or a package, we can help. Graphara prides itself in being affordable but delivering quality because we understand that design can be a difficult undertaking for many small businesses. Have a look at the design services we offer below.

Logo Design

Web Design

Brand Identity

Social Media

Print Design

Strategic Marketing

Content Writing


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our services


A logo design is extremely important. Often, it is the very first impression a company gives.

We provide an extensive logo design service for any sector.

We specialise in company logo design but have also created logos for charities, sports clubs and various other sectors.

Web Design

Website Design is a true sign of living in an internet age.

Your website is a platform through which many conduct their business.

Websites needs to be quick and effective and Graphara can help deliver on just that.

We can create websites that encapsulate the essence of your brand or company and bring it to life for your customers.

Brand Identity

 An additional service that we offer is a Brand Identity service.

This is where we collaborate with you to ensure that every design, logo, slogan, tagline that we produce works effectively towards your business goals.

We discuss in length and have regular meetings regarding what your brand is trying to communicate and how our designs reflect that.

Social Media

Social media becomes increasingly more important to businesses today.

An engaging and informative social media page can make a world of difference to several aspects of your business and this is where Graphara can help.

We are able to design and create relevant social media pages for easy management.

Print Design

Graphara are also happy to help you with all those print designs that your business might needs.

We can design your business cards, leaflets, posters and any other print materials in the required sizes.

This means you then end up with designs that are compatible with your suppliers requirements and takes the hassle out of the entire process.

Should you require it, we are also happy to source printing services for you through our own existing relationships at competitive prices.

Fitz & Filly Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing Design

Strategic Marketing is another great service offered by us.

Graphara know that it is important to make sure your brand is getting exposed to your customers and now there are a myriad of ways that you can achieve this.

Whether you want uniforms designing, mugs, pens and anything in between, Graphara can conceptualise and design all of those for you.

Check our our portfolio

You can look at the collection of recent design work we've done here at Graphara.